Type MC ST

• Soft minerals
• Food
• Spices
• Pigments
• Chemical products
• Cryogenic grinding
• Other soft to medium hard

• Pin mill with two opposite rotating pin
  disks without sieve
• Standard or wide chamber housing
• Mill door easy to swing for opening
• Construction in welded design, therefore
  it is possible to use optimal material
  and also stainless steel material with a
  high surface quality
• Pin disks and pins can be replaced
  quickly without any special tools
• The produkt entry takes place on the
  housing side and therefore the mill can
  be opened quick and easy
• Two separate belt drives on door and
  housing side
• Special design for cryogenic grinding
• Special design for coating of mineral
  powders available


• Drive power from 2 x 55 kW up to
  2 x 200 kW

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