1. You are coming from highway intersection Neunkirchen (A8, dir. Zweibrücken)

   - Exit Zweibrücken - Bubenhausen/Ernstweiler
   - Take the first right
   - Take the first left, then approx. another 700 meters
   - Entrance on the right (porter's office Pallmann Comp.)

2. You are coming from direction Pirmasens (A8) highway intersection Landstuhl
    or direction Karlsruhe/Landau (B10)

   - Exit Zweibrücken - Ernstweiler/Bubenhausen
   - Drive into the traffic circle and take exit Bubenhausen Stadtmitte
   - Take the first right (underneath the bridge)
   - Take the second right, then approx. another 200 meters
   - Entrance on the left (porter's office Pallmann Comp.)

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